104,000 sqft mall

Hi everyone,

I’m new to iGuide so forgive me if this has been covered at length before.

I have a 104,000 sqft mall that the owner wants mapped. About one third is warehouse space. I’m trying to determine what I will be charged by planitar to process this project. It looks to me like .02 per square foot is the rate, so that would be $2080.00 approx. without including anything for my time. Does that sound correct?

Also, it occurs to me that aligning the scans as I go may be difficult. The space surely won’t fit on the display in the app. Anyone with experience on a large space like this?


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Hey Mike,

I’ve done a few spaces over 100k sq ft and it’s surprisingly easy if you follow a pattern. You can see in the image below that I’ve drawn some lines to represent my route through the space. I tried to move in predictable straight lines and work my way across the space in a zigzag pattern. The route you choose will depend heavily on the shape and size of the space you are capturing. The area covered by the green lines represents about 50K square feet and it took 30 panormas to do it. Following a predictable pattern will help you keep track of where you are and what you are doing while shooting but it will also allow you to more easily check your work in Stitch when you get home.

Here is the iGUIDE for reference:

To make data alignment easier you can face the camera in the same direction for the start of every panorama. This will cause the shot direction indicators in survey the be facing the same direction every time. The initial shot direction determines what you see first when a panorama is loaded so be careful to optimize the initial direction for visually important panoramas.

Use the Map Actions/Grow Map option, doing so will double the size of the map and allow you to work on larger spaces. I’ve easily fit a space over 200K sq ft on my phone’s screen with no problems.

You may also need to follow the perimeter of a large space if there are no details to measure in the centre area. Here is an example of a 230K sq ft space. The green lines represent a route where the panoramas follow the perimeter and avoid the centre of the space.

It may also be helpful to divide up large properties into separate floors even though they are on the same level. This will give you the ability to focus on one area at a time. This will require you to combine them later in Stitch by dragging panoramas from one floor to another later. Here is an example of how a space could be divided up:

I’ve added boxes that show the areas that I could have captured separately and combined in post. In Survey it would have appeared as three floors (A, B, and C). Then in Stitch I could have dragged the panos from floors B and C onto floor A to combine them.

In summary:

  1. Plan your route
  2. Follow a predicable pattern
  3. Select Map Actions/Grow Map if you run out of room on your screen
  4. Face the camera in the same starting direction for every pano if you find it helpful
  5. Follow the interior perimeter if you need to
  6. Break up large spaces into separate floors and combine them later if you find it helpful

I hope this information is helpful!


P.S. Contact our office for pricing information.


Thanks Chris,

I’m going to map it next week, so I’ll look over your info once more before I go.

Michael helped me sort out the pricing.


I would love to see the result. I have a mall in my area that is considering having us do their mall.

I would love to see what you are charging for that and what the end results look like. Let me us know how long it takes you as well. Maybe charge $125 an hour for your time.

Likewise. I’ve been asked to do this for an old school. Guessing it is over 10k sqft. Since it will be so expensive to process, not sure what I should charge.

Any progress on this project?

I have a mall nibbling on the concept.
The project is worth several thousands of dollars when I include interior views of independent stores as options.

I’d love to hear how you went about marketing this.

With Tagging entering the picture, I really would like to know if progress has been made here.

Once I show a retailer what can be done with tagging, all … is going to break loose. :slight_smile: