Selling IMS-5 system used (like new) in Ontario Canada

Hello, I am looking to sell the IMS-5 system in Canada. My IMS-5 has only been used a handful of times. Willing to ship within Canada. Shipping will be included in the price. Please respond here if you are interested with contact info and I will contact you thanks.

Hi Josh,

I am in Barrhead Alberta and I am interested depending on what your bottomline is for the camera.
Where are you located?

780 259-1008

Sorry to be clear I have family in Ontario, that is why I was asking where you are.


I have had a few emails yesterday and today for IMS-5 cameras. 2 for $1,500 but US dollars.
Got mixed up here and that is where the $1500 offer to you from me came from my mistake and why I am editing this.

Please ignore and tell me what you will sell your camera for. I would much rather work in Canada than buying from the states…

Thanks, Ian

Hi Blueloon,

We were hoping for $3000 CAD for our iguide (IMS-5) as we originally paid somewhere around $4000. We are in located in London Ontario. You can email me at to discuss further if you’d like.

Hi Josh,
Thanks for replying. Unfortunately I cannot afford anything near that number. Just my budget.

Good luck and all the best,

Would you like to counter my offer? May be that we could find some middle ground.

I am selling mine which hasn’t been used commercially once. Just practiced with it 1 time. I’m selling it for $1600 USD (2,014.80 CAD.) Includes shipping. Were from Florida. Thx

Hi Scott,
Unfortunately I am not going to be able to purchase your IMS-5 at the price you offered and I will explain why, other than I just don’t have that much in my budget or to risk on a camera without warranty.

I spoke with iGuide sales about my concerns with the image quality and they assure me there will be a fix which would match the quality of the IMS-5 shortly 1-3 weeks he thought. Of course that hasn’t been done yet but I have to take them at their word.
Also there will be financing in Canada again next week or so and maybe a Black Friday Sale price too, soon.
As well there is a Special running on the Planix which provides 10 free regular projects up to 3000 sf. That would effectively reduce my purchase cost by up to about $840 CND depending on the size of the 10 projects but at minimum reduce the price by $420 CND
These improvements and sale offers are making me lean towards the Planix system more and more.

Unfortunately it may make selling your IMS-5 harder as well.

If I could get an IMS-5 for $1,000 CND, including delivery, I still may be interested.

Sorry I know that is a low offer but it is the best I could do.

I wish you all the best and thank you for your responses.

Best Regards,

Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting back to me. I understand your concerns although it is not worth it to me to take a $3000+ loss. I will make my son understand how to use it lol.


All the best Scott and thanks for replying.
I wish I was in a postition to offer more so good luck to you and your son. I still think the IMS-5 sounds like a great system. Hope the learning curve works.