Running Social Media Marketing Programs for Clients



Is anyone running social media marketing programs?
I was talking with an iGUIDE Pro who is now getting requests from agents to run Feature Property Posts for their listings on his Facebook page.
He is thinking of creating a new Add-On service and charge for posts.
Is anyone doing something similar?


Yes! EVERY delivered property gets posted several places: Facebook Business and Personal pages, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. If an agent asks we will post it again. We have boosted properties for agents at our expense. When an agent posts a tour we are sure to like and comment on it. If they need help making a post we talk them through the process.

We keep our message about the photography, and direct any questions to the agent making them actively involved in any on-line discussion of the property.

We don’t sell homes. We are a media marking company and will happily go to the agent’s office and provide social media marketing training. It’s on of the best ways to:

  1. Market your own business by making a direct 1 to 1 contact with prospects.
  2. Help your clients build deeper marketing strategies that work.
  3. Build your social media following.

Our best reviewed topic in our class is reputation management! There is normally someone in the class who has a bad on-line review. Help them fix it and you have a client for life. I love social media for marketing and information sharing. Every little post is another pebble in a stream of information. It builds over time.


where. do. you. find. the. time.
haha, I keep this as something I always want to do but never have the time to follow through on it.


It’s automated. One menu click to share.
iguide and the tours we use for our photography have sharing menus-it also embeds a link to the iguide so everything is in one place for syndication. Meta data puts the agent information into the post.

No time needed.


Hi there,
Sounds interesting.
Did you develop the system or you are using an existing system? What is the name?


Hi mis-images,

I could only see some of the replies on the forum? Can you elaborate on your program for me please?

Thank you