Outdoor walkway and landscapes in plan

Good day!

I’m pretty new in IGuide and just performed my first ever iGuide. I’ve looked through here in every post I could search for about editing the floor plan so we can see pathways outside with, garden sheds, trees, shrubs etc like I’ve seen in other floor plans from other company (could be matterport) is it possible in basic iGuide or with floor planner?

Or I am missing something? It would be great for example for a walkway to an outdoor shed to visualize how the floor plan is related to that shed or if there is a pool or driveway to be able to draw it better visually?

Also most people have a square on the bottom with all the areas and the square footage but I didn’t get this layout with my report. Is there an option to do that?

how do we create just a one page for realtors with everything in it? I’m hoping I’m not confusing with my questions.

Hey David,
Matt from Proper Measure does these by hand using laser tools and CAD software. Their team stitches together exterior walkways and trees using their programs. iGuide doesn’t do this and you’ll have to enter logos, measurements, etc manually.