New planix camera for sale

I am looking to sell my Planix Pro camera with Richoh Theta. I used it for one listing. My wife had gotten sick shortly after I purchased and sadly passed away in late December. I need to pay for expenses and could use the help with selling this. $2000 and I’ll pay for shipping. Thank you in advance!

Sorry for your loss

Is this the regular Planix or the Planix Pro ?

Thank you Joshua and Planix Pro

Very sorry to hear of your loss. My wife has been very sick, and I can understand firsthand how difficult it can be to attend to your business while all that is going on in your life. Hope you are able to get through this difficult period.

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Sorry to hear about your wife. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

I can partly empathize, given that last year my partner went through all the grueling stages of cancer treatment. Fortunately, she’s still with us.

Have courage through these trying times.

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Thank you Leroy!

Been through similar for 25 years and I admire your partner’s strength! Godspeed!

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Thank you for your condolence! I’m on the mend thank god and foresee good times ahead.


Did you sell your system and is this us?

Is this still available?