Matterport Pro 3 Camera

Anyone bothered about the new Matterport camera coming out?

I don’t know about the specs, etc, but I wonder if the upgraded specs will hinder any of the iGuides pluses re; speed and accuracy?

I’m not worried about it. As long as iGuide continues to pull the stronger functionalities from the Ricoh camera. It’ll make the planix that much better.

Not even in the same ballgame…matterport tech support sucks they take weeks let me say this again WEEKS 4 weeks to be exact to fix a small issue. In the list goes one. If you’re using these systems for real estate you would be a fool to use matterport in my opinion

Matterport decided to move to higher quality Lidar-based point clouds with much higher resolution. They also increased the image quality and scan spacing from 5 meters max to 20 meters. I wish Guide would have gone in this direction instead of reducing image quality with the Planix. I also read it is now producing 360-degree laser point clouds. iGuide only uses Lidar in one plane. It also now scans seamlessly outside, unlike the Matterport Pro 2. It is supposed to be a Leica BLK killer at a much lower price point with much better image quality. I suspect it will not be priced as low as a Pro 2. I suspect at least twice as much based on the technology upgrade. It opens up many more markets than just real estate. People who need the measurement accuracy of a BLK level scanner pay much more then real estate does:)

All fun and games until you have a door closed in one shot and one open the next and you have to drive a hour plus to rescan the area or have to wait 4 weeks to fix it.

The two top reasons I sold my MP2 camera were: 1) SLOOOOOOW, buggy scanning. 2) The big one: their hosting plans. I had the - forget exactly what - “25 Pro” plan or something. I could have 25 active spaces. I found myself hitting the limit quickly, and then I had to call - CALL - agents up to ask if the property had sold and I could pull the matterport (so I could upload another one). I chased them. They didn’t answer, weren’t sure, maybe wanted to keep it for listing presentations… I had to institute a recurring payment thing for >1 month hosting etc. etc. etc. It was a HUGE administrative burden. Buh bye.

iGuide please take note: I know you’ve got an official “1 year, with free extension” thing going on for hosting. I just extend my iGuides because a) I don’t know if they’ve been sold, b) Agents don’t tell me, c) I have a LOT of tours, d) It would take DAYS of admin time to track down the status of every listing, and e) I will not do that. So… f) Don’t ever consider a Matterport-like “max. hosting” or “ Then Pay Extra” scheme. Seriously. Don’t. No grandfathering. Just don’t. Thanks!

I just bought the iguide. it does not have the issue with doors?

Nope that’s the beauty with this system, it does not matter if you have one open or closed.

Also if you have a misalignment it’s way easier to fix.

(Side note take photos with the closest open and then closed, you can hide the photos but this helps with more accurate measurements)

I’m an architect, I just want this for measurements.

@jockdeboer good to meet a fellow architect here! Have you used the iGuide yet? I’m still practising at home before I try my first project with a client.

Interesting to hear everyone’s comments; partly why I didn’t go the Matterport route was all the on-going fees, made no sense to me and how I work with my clients.

I did not buy with them as no one ever answered the phone or returned messages for a few questions before purchasing. Now all they do is email me asking what can they do.

No, I still need to charge it up and get started. I hope it is all I think it is. I am sick of measuring by hand. The laser was a god send, I hope this is as well.

I researched many options before choosing iGUIDE. I had a conversation with a gentleman at iGUIDE before purchase who was gracious with his time and answered all my questions.

My reasons for choosing iGUIDE, in no particular order:

~no subscription
~lidar measurements
~floor plan and tour in one
~ease of use
~stellar customer service; quick and thoughtful responses—99% of my service contacts have been about procedure.
~amazing project turnaround from the drafters
~regular on-line Q&A sessions
~documentation and tutorials
~the user forum
~abundance of marketing material for operators to promote business
~lots of information on using the system for different market sectors

On so many levels, Planitar really sees the value of supporting operators and ensuring our success. They know our success is Planitar’s success.

On the flip side, I’ve seen conversations here and on social griping about the quality of the images, though I find the quality just fine given the I am leaving exposure choices up to automation. I’ve been able to neutralize most color casts and make the images consistent from image to image. Yes, the Stitch interface is a bit clunky—I’m a Mac guy and Stitch for Mac is obviously ported from PC—though I’ve gotten used to the interface.

Using the marketing material on the iGUIDE site, and the information about how to use iGUIDE in different market sectors, I am looking forward to exploring additional ways to generate income from the system.

Thank you Planitar.


If anything this is actually good for us because Matterport coming out with BLK killer will force iGuide to redesign their system to take advantage of newer Insta360 cameras like the new Insta 360 RS 1 Inch camera Buy ONE RS 1-Inch 360 - 6K 360 Camera with 1-Inch Sensors - Insta360

Personally I think that in time Insta360 might also develop their own professional series 360 camera with lidar functionality built it and if that happens iguide might be in for some serious competition unless they adapt.

BLK & Matterport… I add that when I have seen a tech market player try to be ‘all things to all people’, they tend to loose focus & loyalty. Just a view to share. Leica will be fine. and you may become surprised at their depth of loyalty in branding.

I am comfortable with what the current iGuide delivers It is really a simple tool-set that covers two vertical markets well for me. I address the mid-high end Real Estate segment and the As-Built segment currently. From my product marketing background - it is always about having the ability to provide a 70% solution.

Sure - we all may want feature A or feature B added. Some have stated they see a color cast, well I have to share that all processing has some form of color-casting in this digital world. That is why you hone your editing skills and quickly dial the file into your style or look.

When execution needs to happen, I have been satisfied with the current design. Of course I want more capability and I am sure the Product Management ‘is’ looking at how & when they will evolve to the next gen. When they do, I choose to believe things will be fine. Now - back to selling. - Matt

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It all comes down to your use case. If you use the iGuide for real estate marketing, the standard iGuide will be fine. On the other hand, if you need a high-quality 3d point cloud file that you can import into a CAD program, you would be very interested in this new technology. If you need accurate measurements in 3d space, the new technology is a huge step forward in accuracy. If you need to pull high-resolution images from the scans, this is also a big step forward.

It all depends on your needs and the markets in which you work. The more advanced technology opens up more markets where the pay per square foot is higher.

Do you use anything to measure huge backyards with trees and different elevations?