iGuide floor plans for contractors?

I had a recent ask me where the CAD Compatible versions were on the report. It was pointed out to me that it might be of value if there was a link in the report for these files so they wouldn’t need to ask for them. I was unable to find (in the report) links that allow a DXF/SVG download. I did the obvious and recommended workaround solution by acquiring & passing along the files manually.

While I do recall recently seeing it somewhere on one of the iGUIDE website pages in reference to floorplans and cad compatibility, that it can be downloaded from the iGUIDE Report, I haven’t been able to locate that reference today - it might be there still. Someone may want to review those pages to look for that reference. I will definitely check my pages for that hint in the case it was a past convenience that has been removed.

Felt it might be helpful to share the feedback I received to the team.

I have never seen that link in the reports and I just went back to as far back as last May to verify.

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They do not includes link to these in the iGUIDE report. But if you log into the portal and go to the property you want it is towards the bottom of the left hand menu.


While the link is not there on its own, if they download the offline iguide the dxf files are included.

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Thank you, I haven’t thought to look into the content of the full download.

The content does show that an iGUIDE “comes with” floorplans, along with the formats.

So that I am better educated in working with projects that require these other files, as I understand it, the files either have to be requested, so we can micro-manage the task of their download, or the files have to be “discovered” inside of the the offline iGUIDE download (OLi). I have been curious in the past of how many OLi downloads happen, I’m not notified when it happens (feature suggestion?), so I don’t know this metric.

Would it be better to download and pass along these files to clients that need them for their project (most do not), or suggest they download the entire iGUIDE and locate the DXF/SVG files in that package?

I’ve been working with architects for this purpose for a little while. The ones I work with download the offline iguide and host on their own server. The dxf files are great but they are generally used in conjunction with the panoramas for advanced measurements and it can be faster and more controlled when the have them on their own system.

I’m not an architect but my understanding is that anyone who is doing this on a regular basis will do it this way.

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I’d rather not spend time logging into the portal, downloading the DXF files, and then emailing them to clients. For that reason, I wish a direct link was included in iGuide Reports. It never has been that I recall.

But it’s easy enough to tell clients to download an offline iGuide and look inside the “doc” folder for .dxf, .svg, and .pdf plans.

2022-01-25 iGuide Plans

In fact, this is a good topic to have as a FAQ on my website.

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A fine point, I will be updating some of my “next steps” media to include the whereabouts of these files and the advantages of downloading the iGUIDE if these fles are needed. Thank you, Leroy!

I can certainly see the speed benefits if the data is already on their own system. As you mentioned, I imagine anyone that does this would download the entire package anyway.

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