iGUIDE Building Blocks: Market Analysis - Recap


Hi Everyone,

In this video, we are recapping what we have covered during our Market Analysis series:

  • Opportunity: understanding the size and seasonality of your market
  • Competition: who is your competition? what do they offer, and for how much?
  • Important Clients and Stakeholders: target list of top agents, teams and brokerages; get to know your local MLS
  • Pricing and Profit: review your profit margins and create and pricing strategy to help you realize your financial goals

We want to walk you through discovering important information about your market that will help you grow your successful real estate photography and floor plan business. Check out the latest vlog where you can click to download the full Market Analysis worksheet and get started today on creating a strategy to grow your real estate photography business and set yourself up for maximum success for the rest of the year and in 2019.

Click below to watch!