iGUIDE Building Blocks: Face to Face Marketing - Trade Shows


Hi Everyone,

In this video, we focus on the value of Trade Shows in our first installment of the iGUIDE Face to Face Marketing series.

If you’re among the group of real estate photographers who don’t find trade shows to be an effective marketing tool, consider that you may not have been approaching them correctly.

Trade shows have been one of our best sources of new business and strongest opportunities. Since the success of your real estate photography business relies on your ability to retain existing clients while winning new customers.

Using the principles in our Event Marketing Kit, Kevin Klages will take you through the whole planning process focusing on:

  1. Announcing the trade show
  2. Running the trade show and
  3. Following up after the show

Check out the video and the Event Marketing Kit in our iGUIDE Marketing Catalogue to find out our formula for communicating effectively, extracting maximum exposure, and successfully winning and retaining a strong clientele.

We look forward to you joining us for our next video. Stay tuned!