IGuide and zillow

One of my large agents just forwarded me an email he got from Zillow in response to him asking about getting iguide into Zillow. His subject stated “this is a problem”. Not really sure how to respond, wondered if this info is accurate from Zillow, or are they just pushing Zillow 3D…

Hi Xxxxxxx,

I hope you’re having a lovely day! Unfortunately iGuide has not given Zillow the legal right to embed their tours on Zillow listing pages. iGuide only allows Zillow to show a hyperlink that will take the visitor to the iGuide tour page. The iGuide hyperlink comes to Zillow via the MLS and will appear as the Virtual tour link under “Facts and Feature” (See screenshot below).

Because of these legal circumstances, Zillow created a free 3D tour platform called Zillow 3D Home. Zillow 3D tours appear at the top of Zillow listings for maximum exposure. Here’s an example of a live listing with a Zillow 3D tour. There is no cost to capture or host a Zillow 3D tour, for the photographer or the listing agent. The tours can be taken with an iPhone or a Ricoh Theta 360 camera. Best of all, the 3D tours are not just for Zillow, but can be shared on the MLS and social media using a URL link. If you’d like to learn more, check out our homepage for Zillow 3D here: https://www.zillow.com/marketing/3d-home/. We also have a handy FAQ guide with great info here:https://www.zillow.com/marketing/3d-home-faq/

iGUIDE Report makes freely available the Embedding Tool that generates HTML code to embed iGUIDEs into any website, without any limitations. The statement that “iGuide only allows Zillow to show a hyperlink that will take the visitor to the iGuide tour page” is, therefore, incorrect.

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It’s not that Planitar is–or isn’t–doing something. Zillow decided to only support one of two Ricoh 360 degree cameras for their Zillow 3D Home Tour. They don’t accept files from any other camera system for that.

Hello everyone
I have the same problem here in Europe, with some companies that do not want to use iGuide for the same reason, it has been a daily war to be able to work with 2 main platforms, https://www.idealista.com/ and www. imovirtual.com.

I have exactly the same problem !!! Idealista is impossible

First, zillow 3d tours are horrible. I went the the hassle of becoming a zillow certified photographer, in Hope’s of being able to easily upload either iguides or my aerial videos. The process requires you to do 5 zillow 3d tours.
Yes, you can add a custom url to a zillow listing. Its buried in the “edit property” menu, but it’s there. Unfortunately, that link is also buried on the listing information when a client views the zillow page for that listing.

Zillow is ONLY promoting itself. They want agents to do zillow tours or nothing. That’s why they wont import the virtual tour links from mls, which would solve everything. You’ll never get zillow to play nice with iguide, matterport, or anything else.