Firmware v1.1.204

Firmware v1.1.20 upgrade has rendered my IMS-5 inoperable. Downgrading back has not fixed the issue. Should I do a factory reset? Anyone else have similar issues?

I did a factory reset and it was still not working until I removed the “app link” from my phone’s home screen, cleared the cache and then re-entered the URL into the browser again. It is all back to normal now. Yeah!

Maybe after the firmware upgrade I should have done the same process of clearing the cache, etc?

I’ll try it again tomorrow. I had a bit of a freak out when it stopped working and I have shoots in the morning so I figured best to do a factory reset until I get better instructions from Alex or Chris on updating the firmware…

Survey is a webapp, so every new version naturally requires reloading page/clearing cache.

I got the firmware setup and everything seems fine now. I’m looking forward to trying out the new HDR presets. Hopefully we can get a colour temperature (K) white balance setting soon as well.

Yes PLEASE full temerature control would be So Nice! And the OCD in me would love to have raw files but I’m sure that’s not an easy task. So for now just a little more temp control :blush:

For in-camera HDR, Canon only uses JPGs as output. I don’t know if it’s something they can do or not. :frowning:

For white balance we can only use/select Canon presets, the WB setting cannot be controlled to any further extent programmatically from outside of the camera.

Canon does not do HDR, it is done by Planitar embedded computer in the camera. Switching to raw would make shooting/post-processing longer as data size would be a lot bigger. There would not be much perceived difference in how the images look, however.


I didn’t realize you guys were doing your own HDR. Is there any way you can either optimize it–or create different presets so to say–for different situations? Here in FL–especially–we get SUPER bright outside and SUPER dark (relatively) inside. I’ve been compensating with the exposure levels in the software on the camera but wondering if there’s a way to pull in more window data in these harsh conditions.

I know we had a post in the FB group going on about the settings.

Alex: We have similar challenges as Richard - we have a lot of waterfront and view properties with large windows, super bright conditions outside and dark interiors. We’ve been playing with different exposure compensation level combinations in Survey but not getting great results. I’ve even tried manually dodging & burning the images before importing them into Stitch but of course that has limitations too since we’re just dealing with jpeg files. Would love to see this improve in future updates.

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Camranger can do all of the above.

If there was access to the raw files to edit before stitching and merging the results would be much better. This is one of the reasons I’m not totally on board to spending $4500 on a camera system. I’m still apprehensive on spending that much for so little control.

The iGuide solution was designed to be the most practical and fastest way for mapping space - producing floor plans and 3D tour. Using raw images is not compatible with this purpose for the reasons mentioned above. Also, raw images dynamic range (14bits or 14 stops) is smaller than the HDR range the camera uses (up to 22 stops).

This discussion does not belong in this thread and I am locking the thread as the original issue has been resolved.