Correspondence Tracking

It’s always easiest to add banner emails to iGUIDESs® when created so that they go directly to the intended targets as soon as they are ready. There are some circumstances where I want time to populate photos, video, etc. before they receive an incomplete report. Sometimes I’m unsure if I’ve already emailed a report and have no way to track it.

I would love to see one of two things:

a) the ability to prepare an email in Portal that can be sent by myself from my own email server so that I can verify and track that correspondence
b) an in-Portal tab where I can see all emails including iGUIDE® reports and analytics which were sent on my behalf to my clients and editors.

Would anyone else like to track correspondence in this way or does someone have a better system?

I agree with B, not knowing if an email has been sent, received, etc. is frustrating.

When I worked with the matterport I sent all my stuff via dropbox and I would be notified when the client clicked the download link. That way I knew the product was delivered.

I think its great its is all built-in with iGuide, it just needs some kind of verification of receipt or at least a time-stamp of when the email was sent. Otherwise any disagreement becomes he said, she said and nobody is happy.

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This would be very helpful. I submitted this feature request in January: Activity logging.

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At minimum a notification to the editor if the email bounces.