Collecting payment from agents

I would be interested in seeing your agreement.


Hi, I would like to check out your contract agreement. Thanks, Justin.

Hello Liquidestate,

I too would be very interested in learning more about your agreement paper work. Please feel free to reach out to me at

you previously commented “I would happily share the details of my client contract agreement with any other professional out there trying to run & grow a business.”. This is why people (including me) have been asking.

The type of info you are asking Liguidstate to share is proprietary intellectual property and a potential point of differentiation. I totally understand his position.

We have all had times when we post something online and have second thoughts afterwards. That is his right as well.

that is understood -just pointed out that if you post “contact me for more information” it is not unreasonable to think that the person meant just that. It is unreasonable to think that I (or anyone else) is asking anyone to share proprietary information without cause.

I use Aryeo for my hosting, scheduling and payables.
(not posting their link this is my solution for you who have this unpaid invoice issue) DUck duck go it. They have two ways to host, by the job which is cheaper or a flat rate monthly charge & post as many jobs as you need.
Personally I use the by the job option as some months are better than others.
Aryeo will host the photos or iguide for the customer to look at after you are done with them.
In order to download they have to pay for the photos. Your work is safe and protected until the customer pays up.
This eliminates me having to chase them for payment, and they get nothing until they pay up.
Now this wont solve problems with the customer taking their time with paying you but at least you have peace of mind that they aren’t taking advantage of your work for free.

This is VERY helpful. Thank you.

In the very beginning we invoiced because I was coming from the commercial world where this is the norm. I rapidly ran into problems with this approach as nobody was in any hurry to pay, and frequently clients would ghost us or bicker after the fact; consistently. It took all my time and crushed my spirit.

I was petrified to make this move thinking that clients would just go elsewhere, but the best move I have made is to install a booking form on our website where payments just flow like water into our cup. We have never had any push back on this.

Do yourself a favour; booking form.

It keeps money flowing into your payroll, avoids delays and headaches and makes you look like a real company vs. just a single lonely photographer.

I use (Disclaimer: I created it.)

You can require clients to accept terms/conditions, but most importantly, there’s a pay wall so they can’t download until payment is made. They can SEE the photos, but are unable to download. So they can see you did a good job, but they need to pay up to have the images!

There are a lot of other beneficial features like appointment reminders, payment reminders, etc.

I would highly recommend getting a system, regardless of which one you choose, to automate a lot of your business so you can spend more time taking photos!