Choice between Displaying Interior floor area and Exterior floor area

OK, thanks for the clarification

In searching for answers, I found this thread and thought I would contribute my question to see if it’s common elsewhere…

I’m having clients question why the first floor “Exterior Area” of a home is smaller than the second floor; it’s because the living spaces above the garage, but that shouldn’t logically affect the “Exterior Area” since, by its own definition should represent the Exterior Area of a home. Evidently, the calculation only provides the exterior measurement of the interior living space, not actually the “Exterior Area”.

Explaining why an interior calculation is smaller than an exterior calculation is easy; trying to explain why the exterior calculation is smaller than the actual exterior of the home is almost comical to a realtor or a seller. It doesn’t bode well for “accurate measurements”.

If we are going to include the measurement, it should represent the measurement its name defines. It would do very well for iGUIDE to fix this as some realtors will use the exterior area calculations to list a home, but they’re only going to do that if it makes sense.

I hope we can fix this, because I’d love for my clients to want to run to iGUIDE for measurement and area calculations services, but they are going to have to make sense to the realtors and sellers first.